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2001-05-13 - 12:18 a.m.

unquoted ring

I guess I haven't been wandering around in Diaryland enough. Just ran across Quoted, which apparently everybody else has already discovered, and hundreds have listed as their favorite.

Any other major diaries I haven't come across out there?

Anyway, I was of course disappointed to discover I had not been "quoted." And I noticed many of the diaries I read have never been quoted, either.

Since there is a central repository of diaries that have been quoted, I figured we need a site for those of us who haven't.

Hence the "unquoted" diaryring.

As the rules state, this ring is for any diary that hasn't been cited in "Quoted."

And if your diary is later quoted in Quoted, I will leave it up to the discretion of the diaryist to decide if you should leave the ring. Just so long as you haven't been quoted when you join.

Second, the diary has to begin with a readable diary page. The first page. The 'index.html' page. No page that just consists of links to other sites, no passwords, just straight to the meat. "Readable" includes that the diary has to load. If your fancy javascript or outside .nu images lock up my near-antique Netscape 4.5, we will have to have a discussion. And don't you dare try to put a pop-up window on it. Despicable.

Third, the ring links have to be there. I haven't bothered messing with Andrew's default ring links, but members can redesign them to their heart's content to match their page, so long as the standard previous, next, random, list and home links are there. I'm not concerned about the Diaryland link, since I'm sure it will be on the diary somewhere. I understand the desire to not clutter a diary with ring links, but the link must be no more than one click away from the diary index page itself. I figure 2-3 days should be a reasonable time to add the links (most folks have them on before I get to their diary).

Unlike many other ringmasters, I am not concerned about diaries that use Diaryland templates. I enjoy a well designed page, but I'm here for your words, not your html skills. I have a couple diaries I read regularly that haven't messed with Andrew's html, and it doesn't bother me. Those of you who skip over template diaries are missing something.

I also was worried about having the ring fill up with dead diaries. But how does one define dead? Are someone's words no longer relevant or interesting if they only write once a month? (Ooooo, a PMS diaryring! Another idea for a ring I'm not qualified to run.) Or two or three times a year? Seasonally? For now, I'll leave that criterion out. But if it gets stale enough to stink, I may remove it. (Of course there's a bobcat head (skull with flesh and fur still attached) that's been sitting and decomposing on our spool for over five years, so you know it takes a while for my sense of smell to be offended.)

I like the criterion that the diary not be hateful, as in racist, bigoted or homophobic. I cannot justify that from a "free speech on the internet" point of view, but so what. I don't like them, and will not link or ring with them.

And on the reverse side of the coin, no fan pages. This is a Diaryring. That implies the content will be a diary.

That's it for now. I reserve the right to make further rules if necessary to ward off parasites, and the right to ignore the existing rules if I find the bloodsucker to be cute or of redeeming value.

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