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18 March 2004 - 23:34

whenever you're in Texas

Got at least three entries I want to get down for today, and I'll probably only have time for one. And it will be the least interesting.

Managed to have lunch with the wife today (No, that is not uninteresting... and don't you tell her I said so.). Drove past her building a little before one o'clock this afternoon, as the heeler sisters and I were heading home, and got spied by a co-worker of hers. Before we could get out of town, the cell phone was ringing.

Wife mentioned she was on the late lunch shift today, and asked if I wanted to have lunch with her.

Of course.

After finding a shady place to park the heelers, that is. Yep, it's getting warm. Was driving on frozen mud to check leks this morning, and had the air conditioning on for panting heelers on the drive home.

Nice lunch, but less than impressive buffalo burger.

Only one fellow came up to discuss the elk situation, which is a good and unusual thing these days, and he actually had something new to contribute.

But the important event occurred as we were leaving.

A young woman, presumably a former waitress of the place, or at least close friend of some of the waitresses, was saying goodbye. Not the goodbye of "I'll see you later," but the goodbye of "I'm off on a long, scary adventure... wish me well."

She left just before we did.

Before we could get entirely outside the door, one of her friends came running out and yelling over our shoulders to the young woman in the parking lot.

No friendly or tearful farewell, this.

"Buy yourself some Mace," she shouted to the departing friend, "And carry it with you!"

"You always carry Mace whenever you're in Texas!"

And with those words of sage advice, she went back in to work.

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