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24 November 2003 - 23:51

the next joe millionaire

So, David chose Linda.

Okay, I would have made the same choice. Just didn't expect a cowboy, a Texan no less, to do the same.

And yes, Cat would have been my second choice, too. Well, maybe not. She's a smoker, but claimed not to be, and I'm sorry folks, that smell is something you cannot hide. But near as we could tell, all the European women on The Next Joe Millionaire show except Linda were stoking up.

'Course, we missed the first episode or two, so maybe not.

But are European women really that un-health conscious? Or just the ones willing to participate in an American match-making reality show? And how hard was it to find the 15 or 25 women who had never seen nor heard of the first Joe Millionaire show, and its basic premise? I mean, does nobody over there watch this stuff, in which case it would have been easy, or did they have to really rummage through the European cities to find women too poor to have cable or satellite?

These are serious questions. I don't really know. Anybody from Europe out there?

I will say this... they had us hooked again. But it did make you wonder just how scripted these things are. Linda left, back to Prague, and then came back again. No way that could happen unless the producers wanted her back. Someone go to Prague and talk her into returning, giving it another chance? Did somebody, some match-maker, look ahead and say "This is the only woman that will work for this guy, we have to get her back."?

It was clear in the final episode that neither of the two women had any idea what was going on here. That the leading man was being just as intimate with all the other women as he was with them, or more so. That the script required him to keep his feelings secret. That they were players in an entertainment show. Maybe they thought the cameras were filming a documentary on a new courtship ritual being tried from across the Atlantic?

And then the ending. The bit with the "ranch" was kinda expected, as soon as you saw North standing on it, saddled up. Although, 90 acres in our country is a "ranchette", not a ranch. Maybe in Texas, that's all you need. (Hey, maybe Bush is only a ranchetter? Never thought of that.)

Was really pleased to see, by the way, that David tightened the saddle before heading out on his ride. One, because he thought to do so, which means he's real enough cowboy to know to do that and not trust some television contractor to do it right, and two, he's more concerned with the comfort of the horse than looking good for a few moments of tape.

And the surprise at the house. Well, as soon as Paul came out, there was no surprise as to what was in the house. But still a good ending.

I just don't know if it's really real.

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