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19 January 2003 - 00:24

continuity errors

So it's official.

At least two continuity errors in The Two Towers

Actually, more like editing errors, when you look at them. Scenes that have been patched together in the wrong order, presumably to have either more dramatic effect, or to save seconds of film time. But they're there.

But, as the wife commented, it took four times viewing before we saw them.

We were having this discussion with Chuck after the showing, in the otherwise empty lobby. Eldest son was getting quite perturbed at us, like we were clones of Rushdie disparaging the Qur'an.

For the curious, they are:

1: In the fight where the Rohirrim horsemen eradicate the squad of Orcs: as the hobbits are crawling off, Pippin has his hands bound. Then they are unbound when the horse threatens to tromple him. Then we see him crawling off with them bound again. Presumably the horse scene was originally after they had cut their bonds, and Jackson decided to move it forward.

2: The scene where Feromer discovers the ring. Before he comes in, Frodo and Sam are in a cave with barrels, Sam on the left. They turn, hearing Feromer returning. Now the barrels are gone, and Frodo is on the left (actually, this scene bothered me the first time I saw it, but I didn't figure out why). Presumably quite a bit was editted out, and they simply spliced two different scenes together. Gonna have to wait for the DVD release to see if we can see the original.

We had to consider the error that Chuck said he had spotted, and then figured out it wasn't an error at all. Just something he hadn't figured out yet.

Chuck was in a talkative mood this evening. Ended up discussing the 100 greatest films of all time (a poster on his wall, generated by some film society.

They had Citizen Kane as #1.

As Chuck confessed, never been able to sit through that one. And a lot of other great films never made the list. No Ghandi, no Chariots of Fire. Can't remember all the other films we disagreed with. Which is a shame, because that's what I intended this entry to be about.

Oh, and since The Two Towers may be leaving soon, we now have free passes for one more show.

Man, he must have a profit margin on the popcorn and soda.

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