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2001-05-21 - 8:04 p.m.

grouse, quotes & fungus

I don't have an entry in mind tonight, so we'll just have to make do with what comes.

First, if there are any of you who still have questions about sage grouse, or want to see a good picture of one strutting, check out the article in the new June Smithsonian. Really well done. No, there aren't any heeler pictures in the article (Jack's a bird hunter, and has bird hunting dogs).

Secondly, I generally don't make it a habit of reading diaries of teens here on Diaryland, but one of the new members of the "unquoted" ring said something I just have to quote. From Silver-tiger:

*You say bitch like it's a BAD thing*


The snow has melted off, and given the lawn a nice green sheen. Even got the mower out to finish the job that the wife's godson started. And naturally, he came home with her 15 minutes later for that express purpose. So he's doing PlayStation instead.

The snow also rinsed off a few more flakes of flesh remains from the skull of elder son's deer, which has been buried in the garden since last year. Excavated it on Sunday, cleaning most of the humus off. As usual, the lower portions were covered with bright neon yellow and green fungus. Seems strange to find something so artificial-looking in dirt. The bones have acquired that gorgeous, old-ivory color, and we only lost one tooth, a deciduous canine.

Wife picked up the bracket we need to install the new battery in elder son's Toyota, so that's on the agenda right after this entry. As well as packing for the three day trip to Chief Washakie's hot springs, which starts as soon as we land from the antelope count tomorrow. Don't know if I can last three days without Dland!

Read you all on Thursday...

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