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16 July 2002 - 18:32

herding squirrels

So, I'm not the only one who feels like they don't have much to say today. Let's see if I can fill my entry as well as they did.

More paperwork. Spent the morning copying, filing and mailing the breeding bird survey stuff. This was more of an accomplishment than it sounds. Decided to take the opportunity to file all the BBS route papers that have been occupying the front right corner of the desk for, oh, who knows how long.

Actually I know how long. Now. The bottom of the pile was the 1997 data forms.


Afternoon and evening were spent coding my wildlife observations onto the Wildlife Observation Forms (also known in our outfit as WOFs, pronounced "woofs"). But decided to make the task more pleasureable, so took the wife's antique folding table, made by her grandfather, I believe, and sat on the porch doing paperwork.

And watching drivers speeding down our steet (and the few who don't... it's 15 mph in our town, folks!). And the robins eating the Nanking cherries (these are ornamental only... tried the cherries last week... too bitter to be human food, unless your name is Donner).

And the masked heeler herding squirrels. Now that is entertaining when you're tired of writing UTMs. Especially when the squirrel tries to sneak down the other side of the trunk of the huge elm. And you can tell exactly how low it has gotten by watching the ears of the heeler on this side of the tree.

And, of course, it gets herded back up. And tries again at another of the four big elms.

This goes on for hours.

Oh, in closing. The other fun thing I did today?

Ran a google search for "poke-a-woman" (as opposed to "poke-a-man", get it?). I highly recommend this, especially if you then hit the second link.

It drives her crazy.

Just wanted to do my share.

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