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2001-06-16 - 1:14 p.m.


So, I'm quoted.

Thanks to a nomination from Silver, my diary has been quoted on Quoted.

Not my best lines. In fact, if I was honest about what I've written and, more importantly, the writing I feel good about, those sentences wouldn't be in the top ten. Or even the top one hundred. But I recorded that memory and someone enjoyed sharing it, so perhaps that is what counts.

Now, what about my "unquoted" diaryring?

I actually anticipated this possibility (not for myself, but for someone). The ring rules allow for a member to remain if they are "quoted", so long as they were "unquoted" when they joined.

And I like the idea of being a member of the unappreciated majority.

Now I'm in a list with Pischina and John Powers. And Uncle Bob (who I've never read... sorry). And some of my regular reads, like Badsnake and Anenigma.

I cannot believe Mocksie isn't on that list. When she joined the "unquoted" ring I immediately started thinking of tactful ways of telling her she couldn't be a member, since she was certainly "quoted". But being the methodical person I am, I checked the list for her diary name, and it wasn't there! All the more reason to remain "unquoted". (By the way, Mocks... being an outdoorsy westerner, I preferred the old wood layout. And your new tiny font is hard for these aging eyes to read. But it hasn't deterred me. And I suspect the new layout is more you.)

So for now, I will stay "unquoted". (Is it even possible for the host of a ring to not be a member of that ring? Will have to ask Andrew.)

And I hereby announce the creation of a new diaryring..."Quoted".

By rights, Quoted should be hosting this, but hasn't, so here it is.

The "quoted" diaryring.

One stop ring shopping....everybody should fit in one ring or the other.

Oh, and for Lio Sha,

"Mecka Lecka Hi Mecka Move Out of My House"

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