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10 January 2006 - 23:28

swans and dewclaws

This was supposed to be in an entry back in December, but since it is likely that may never be written, here's one of the swan photos Bonnie was asking about...

In other news, the little maskless heeler had her last post-surgery follow-up appointment yesterday. Vet thinks all is looking good, except he's surprised her hair is taking so long to grow back in.

That's the dingo in red heelers, Doc. They only shed twice a year, which means new hair only comes in twice a year. Her appetite is still way up, which we suspect (and hope) is just her trying to compensate for all the heat escaping out the left side of her butt.

Being pretty much housebound, and forbidden to run, her toenails have grown in the past weeks. So he started snipping them off, free of charge. I watched carefully as he moved to the first front foot, 'cause I knew what was going to happen.

Sure enough, after the four plantigrade toes, he went for the dewclaw.

I grabbed her leg just in time.

Not the dewclaws, I explained.

The heelers like them sharp.

Which they do. Dulling the dewclaw is like amputating our thumb. That's what they use to hold things.

So she is happily trotting around on paws that do not have the toes splayed out by long nails now.

And her dewclaws are still sharp.

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