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14 March 2002 - 15:37

songs of spring

Took an hour and a half to shovel the 26 cm of wet, heavy snow off our sidewalks. Only time I regret living on a corner.

Would have been easier if some well-meaning townsman hadn't used his ATV to plow our neighbor's driveway... while pushing back and forth across our unshoveled sidewalk and driveway entrance. Took quite a while to chisel off that compacted snow. Didn't appreciate the pile he left at the front of our drive, either. No way the wife could have gotten the Explorer over it.

Pretty sure it wasn't the neighbor I have scolded for plowing our walks before. He pulled up as one of my game wardens was leaving yesterday to advise he would not be coming over to plow our walks.

Told him thanks.

No, this was his partner being the not-so-good Samaritan this morning.

Who left a meter high, two meter thick burm of compressed snow on my walk that he plowed off the sidewalk to the west.

Want to find a patrolman who will loan me one of his spike strips.

But while shoveling, I heard a familiar sound. One of those that got embedded in memory probably before I could talk.

Red-winged blackbirds.

Thought I heard a western wood pewee last week, but it was just a starling imitating the pewee song.

Have no idea why a starling would imitate a pewee.

But this was not a mimic. There they were, a half-dozen redwings in one of our neighbor's trees.


And while I was cursing my ATV-blessed neighbor, I heard music from down the street. One of my neighbors whistling as he cleaned the snow off his truck.

Blackbirds and cheerful whistling. Spring cannot be far behind. The snow seemed to get lighter.

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